I quit Starbucks…


If you have known me for any amount of time, you know the love I have for Starbucks. After falling in love with a Mocha Light Frappucino and other fun frothy creations in college when I was trying to make it through late nights working at our campus newspaper, I was hooked.

Now, my love of coffee has only grown. It’s ingrained in my soul – and for the last decade or so, it’s been putting a major dent in my budget as well.

(Really. About $5 a day… for that long… DON’T DO THE MATH. I repeat. DON’T DO THE MATH.)

So, let’s take things back to mid-April, when I wound up with a Keurig Rivo thanks to a happy accident. I’ve already got a traditional Keurig brewer that has been parked at work for a few years, because I just don’t love plain coffee.

I won a Keurig Vue thanks to hosting a House Party a few years ago. That ones has lived in my kitchen. It’s fun, and I use it to make hot water for tea quite a bit.

But nothing has ever come even close to matching my love of hot mochas. From the Toffee Nut edition to sugar free on days I’m really trying to watch it… I love my variations, and I just can’t make them at home.

Until now.

My Keurig Rivo has been incredible.



{via Keurig}

So good in fact… that I quit my daily trip to Starbucks. I know begin enjoying my lovely coffee creations at home early in the morning, and I usually make one for the road to enjoy each morning at the office.

In the words of my husband: “We got a raise. A big one.”

I’m about six weeks into my love affair with the Keurig Rivo. The Rivo is the espresso brewer, with a built-in milk frother. I add some sugar-free Hershey’s syrup for the mocha infusion. Two shots are brewed in about a minute. And then I froth my milk, and pour it in. A quick stir, and just a smidgen of whipped cream later, and I’m good to go. For under $2 a day for my 1-2 drinks

I haven’t crossed Starbucks out of my life by any means. I’ve hit up Starbucks about once a week, usually while strolling through Target or for a date with a friend. It is just no longer my only source of delicious caffeine.

So, if you are trying to break the Starbucks habit, try saying hello to the Rivo. I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

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