We “Let It Go” alright…

So a couple of weeks ago, we hopped into the car with our BFFs and headed off to Arendale. Well, it was more like the BJCC arena, but you get the picture.

It was one seriously awesome afternoon of all my favorite things and people.

To kick things off, we lunched at Cantina Laredo in Birmingham’s Uptown. Y’all. Best. Mexican. Ever.



With that food and drink, can you tell we were happy? I’m also the only one who didn’t dress in theme…


I needed a pick me up after that delicious – but heavy – lunch… and guess what fab coffee shop was right across the street? I got an Octane fix!


The actual show, Disney’s Frozen on Ice, was awesome. I don’t think any of us quit smiling the entire time we were there. Well, maybe when some little kids sword wouldn’t stop strobe-light-flashing at us… that wasn’t much fun. But we got over it.



Aside from the ice castle being built in the picture about during “Let It Go” – my favorite part was watching Sven and Olaf skate. It was just hilarious.



It’s been the summer of entertainment so far. I’ll be back with more soon! Here’s to fun times with favorites until then!

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