You and me together…

“You and me, together, we could do anything, baby”

Now, I’ve never been a Dave Matthews Band nut. But Brett has loved them for as long as I’ve known him. He’s seen four or five DMB concerts – but none in the 10+ years we have been dating or married. Years ago, he said “That’s something I’d really love to do with you one day.”

Fast forward YEARS, and we finally got the chance. On June 3, we had a fabulous date night with dinner and Dave, thanks to our awesome Tuscaloosa Amphitheater. It was a night neither one of us will forget.



He was so excited. It was adorable. And he had heard Emmylou Harris would be there. He had never heard “Long Black Veil” live – and you should have seen the smile on his face when that was one of the songs she performed.

It was a gorgeous night. And after hearing “You and Me” live, I’ve got a favorite DMB song too.



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