The #100Club…


So, I started my Pure Barre addiction journey, on Nov. 7, 2014. Exactly seven months later – including completing the 20 in 31 Challenge in March – on June 7, 2015, I took my 100th class!


{I made it! And made EB celebrate with me after!}

I love Pure Barre for so many reasons. It’s a different workout every time. The instructors love to push me. Sometimes I don’t love them for that in the moment. But after, I’m always grateful.

I’ve never found a workout I love this much, that keeps me wanting to go back four or five days a week. I’ve kept an unlimited monthly plan since I joined, and my goal is always to go four times per week. Sometimes it’s three, sometimes it’s five. But I’m always happier on the days I go.

For years, I’ve not enjoyed my workouts. I haven’t wanted to go. But now, I’m hooked. Here’s to Pure Barre and that fabulous time to lift, tone and burn each day!

What’s your favorite workout? Have you ever tried a Pure Barre class? 

One thought on “The #100Club…

  1. Jess @ JJ's Ways says:

    SO INCREDIBLY PROUD OF YOU. You are doing an excellent job. You’ll be at 250 before you know it. 🙂

    Fun fact: I’ve been taking pretty regularly since our studio opened in Feb of 2013 and have yet to complete a challenge? I always end up with a long work trip or some sort of sickness during them. So frustrating.

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