Recent summer reads…

If there’s one fabulous thing about summer and a few less commitments in the evenings, it’s that I get to read more. Few things make me happier. Here are a few snippets about my recent favorites!



Buried Secrets, by Irene Hannon

I am a huge Irene Hannon fan. She’s a fabulous Christian thriller writer, and Buried Secrets was no exception. In Buried Secrets, police chief Lisa Grant and detective Mac McGregor join forces to investigate an unmarked grave. Then they discover that someone will stop at nothing to keep a big secret under wraps. Good writing. Fantastic story. You’ll enjoy it!



Random Elements, by Kate Donovan

This was one of the best books I’ve read in 2015. From a great plot and likable, developed characters to a great romance, it had it all. Kate Donovan really outdid herself. This is the perfect beach read. From the drama of a tv show and its cancellation to the star actress heading off to the FBI, you didn’t really know which way things would go. That makes any book even better in my world!



The Last Heiress, by Mary Ellis

The Last Heiress was an absolutely wonderful read. Totally charming, perfectly romantic, and full of great values on top of it all. I loved the fiery personality of Amanda Dunn, who is ready to buck tradition and propriety in order to keep her family’s textile mills operating during the Civil War. Read this one. It was fantastic.



Ever After, by Jude Deveraux

I absolutely loved Jude Deveraux’s Ever After, and really want to go read the rest of the Nantucket Brides Novels now! Hallie Hartley is a physical therapist who has given up nearly so much for her stepsister, Shelly. Through a strange twist of fate, Hallie winds up owning a house on Nantucket and serving as a PT to a troubled combat veteran, James. This is one of the most classically written modern romances I’ve read lately. Great fun!



Red Carpet Kiss, by Melissa Brown

This was a fun, light romance. Good plot and writing. Nothing super standout or special, but a good way to lose a few hours on a summer day!

What have you read lately? Anything else I need to check out?

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