Goodbye to my 912 Magnolia Drive…


I’ve thought a lot lately about what matters in a house. What makes it special?  Is it the exterior? The color on the walls? The location? The furniture and decor?

When you think about what really matters, all of those things are nice. But it’s the people you share a house with that really make it a home that you love.

The beautiful Zeta Tau Alpha house that I called home throughout college was torn down this summer. It has been a long process to wrap my head around the fact that one of the staples of my college career is gone.

The home – and my room – that I spent my junior and senior years of college living in. The living room where Brett proposed. It was hard to let it go, but knowing something even better is coming for ZTA’s Nu Chapter – and for 912 Magnolia Drive – makes it a lot better in my heart.

I got to say my goodbyes – and I even left a few marks on the house as I did. This one was my favorite, on the floor in the spot where Brett asked me to marry him.


Watching things change is always hard, but it’s been a reminder that perspective is everything. Knowing good things are coming make anything better. Right?



So, to my 912 Magnolia Drive, goodbye. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you.

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