Top 5 Pure Barre tips…

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I’ve talked to quite a few friends about my love for Pure Barre, and it seems like so many people are interested in checking it out! I love finding new friends at the barre – or talking old friends into joining me, so y’all, come on!

Here are my top five tips for getting started.

Just go try it already.

I wasted months saying I was about to go start Pure Barre. Months. I’m so glad I finally went, but I wish I’d gone earlier. Plus, your first month package is a fantastic special, so it’s worth it to go as much as you can that first month!

Admit you’re going to look stupid.

About 80 percent of the time, you’re going to feel like you’re crazy. The first dozen or so classes I went to, I was with a bunch of skinny college students. They all looked like dancers in my mind. But I got over it, and found my rhythm and it has been worth it. There are still days I’m stiff, and can’t get my leg up anywhere near the teachers. And that’s okay. Some days I almost tump over in lunges. They’re not my thing. But I’m miles from where I was when I started.

You will never feel the same.

After one class, you might not be able to life your legs to walk. After another, you may feel like you should go for a run. Do not be fooled. I repeat, do not be fooled. Pure Barre hits me anywhere from immediately after class to two full days later. I never react the same – because the class is never the same. And that’s why it’s awesome.

Get to know your instructors.

My absolute favorite classes are the ones taught by women who know me. Some I knew before Pure Barre. Some I’ve gotten to know since joining the studio. But they are the women who know my personality and my limits – and they aren’t afraid to really push me. I don’t always like it in the moment. But I love seeing progress, and I always feel like I make it a little further in their classes.

Set a goal.

I knew I loved Pure Barre from the first couple of weeks I started going. I knew early on I wanted to stick with it, and make it to 100 classes. My next goal is to really work for those next 10 pounds of weight loss. It’s slow, but I’ll get there too.

One thought on “Top 5 Pure Barre tips…

  1. Jess @ JJ's Ways says:

    You’re so right about getting to know the instructors. It’s a game changer. I’m so glad you’re loving PB.

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