How I did: January 2016 goals

So. My first goal recap of 2016 is here. It wasn’t the best start. But February is here. I’m armed with a new planner. And I’m determined, even if I am behind.

January 2016 Goals – How I did:

  • Be intentional about time with Jesus. Daily devotion. Verdict: CONTINUING IN FEBRUARY.
  • Lose 6 pounds. Verdict: CONTINUING IN FEBRUARY.
  • Read a non-fiction book. Verdict: ACCOMPLISHED
    • Review coming soon, but I tackled Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love.
  • Cook a new meal each week. Verdict: ACCOMPLISHED
    • Week 1 – Crustless spinach quiche. Verdict? Great ready-made breakfast for the week.
    • Week 1 – Pesto salmon with Italian vegetables. TWO RECIPES. Victory. Also, this salmon was to die for. Even my husband LOVED it and said it’s his favorite salmon.
    • Week 2 – Light chicken parm. Served this over zucchini noodles and Brett said it was a win.
    • Week 3 – Chicken mozzarella pasta with sun-dried tomatoes. This was good, but it wasn’t perfect. I didn’t use the same kind of noodles, I kind of burnt the sun-dried tomatoes, and my sauce wasn’t thick enough. But taste was decent. I need to try this again.
    • Week 4 – Not quite. But I was ahead.
  • Create a cleaning routine. Verdict: TRY AGAIN.

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