A surprise delivery…

IMG_6076The other day, I was sitting at the office trying to be productive when I got a phone call that someone was trying to deliver flowers and they were being rerouted to my office.

I couldn’t figure out why I’d be getting flowers. It’s not my birthday. Or anniversary. Or anything. Nothing fun had happened. So when they arrived, I was in for a surprise.

IMG_6073In perhaps the best marketing strategy I’ve stumbled across in quite a while, The Bouqs had sent me a beautiful bouquet announcing their same-day delivery service in my area. I’d previously used this fun, online florist (that ships right from the side of a volcano) to get a treat to my mother-in-law, so they had me in their system.

I enjoyed these gorgeous flowers for 10 days. They filled up two vases, so I enjoyed them in two different areas of my house.

You can check out The Bouqs here – go find your new favorite!

{Affiliate links used. Because I am so not opposed to free flowers. And if you use one of my links to shop, you get a $10 credit, so it’s a bonus for you too.}


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