Oh, hey there…

Oh, weekends.

It’s almost 2 in the afternoon, and I’m sitting in bed. It feels heavenly. I haven’t been a total sloth today. I’ve done 2.5 loads of dishes and I’m working on round two of laundry.

But right now? I’m curled up in the middle of the laundry, watching Law and Order: SVU and enjoying a good snuggle with my pillow.

It’s been a {quite a} few long weeks. I’m tired. My brain has been on overload. My body too, if I’m honest. So it’s time for a day of rest. Real rest. Mind, body and soul. And it feels good.

I told someone recently that I’m a complete extrovert. Until I’m not. And then I tend to shut down for a few days. This is that day, and it is a much-needed weekend of little to nothing.

So here’s to catching up, finding my voice, telling a few stories, and enjoying every minute of it.


One thought on “Oh, hey there…

  1. Ashley (@hiashleylamar) says:

    Law & Order: SVU is the best for binging! I can’t even begin to tell you how many of those marathons I’ve sat through. Lol. It’s usually me, the dogs, and a hot cup of coffee while I watch them bust bad guy after bad guy. No shame though, I think we all need those weekends from time to time.

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