How Blue {Apron}…

IMG_6797 The days are long, the weeks are busy and a little too often, there are not enough hours in the day. Who’s with me?


I got a wonderful treat from a friend who had a free Blue Apron week and shared it with me.


I’m a fan.

For $59.94, you get three meals for two people each delivered to your door. No shopping. No meal planning outside of selecting your options from the website.

So, on Wednesday night when I was teaching, our first box arrived and Brett was tasked with cooking dinner. He’d made fun of the idea of groceries being delivered. And then he cooked our first dinner.

IMG_6809After he made our spicy orange chicken wings with shiitake-sesame rice – which we devoured – he looked at me: “That just might be worth it.”

At about $10 each per meal, it’s not cheap. It’s a little more expensive than what I would put together going to the store. But it’s so much cheaper than going out – and it was a heck of a lot more fun.

Also, I didn’t cook a single one of these three meals. Brett enjoyed it so much, he did every single bit of the cooking. Color me happy. It was super fun. Sure, I watched and talked and drank some wine while he cooked. But I didn’t have to cook because he enjoyed it so much. And he’s looking forward to our next box.

IMG_6697For our first box, we got the orange chicken wings, steak tacos and mole verde, and goat cheese and kale quiches with butter lettuce and chive salad. All three were delicious. We ate the quiches and salad for a weekend lunch, but the other two made some great weeknight dinners.

Everything arrives fresh, chilled, packaged nicely, and adorably labeled.

Our second¬†box comes next week, and I’m so excited. Here’s to new cooking adventures with Blue Apron!