An unconventional Disney day…

If you’ve been around me for any time at all, you know I’m a Disney nut. I married a Disney nut. We will forever be Disney nuts. We have come to terms with our nuttiness.


But right now, it has been a year since our last Disney trip. I’m missing the happiest place on earth. And after a hectic holiday season and a few trying weeks, when a long weekend popped up, I made my pitch. “Honey, please? I just. I just want to go to Disney. Let’s get in the car after work tomorrow and go.”

Y’all.¬†Darling husband? He laughed at me. Yes, he wanted to go too. But it’s not in the budget and that was that.

So he asked me something instead. He asked me to give him one of my three days that weekend, morning to night. Keep my schedule and to do list clear. So I did. And it was one of the most fun days we could have had.

Brett planned an at-home Disney day for me.

IMG_6202He sent me off to start the day at Pure Barre to get a workout in, since “We would have walked 10 miles for a workout at Disney World.” On the way home, he told me to go pick up my favorite drink to get as we walk down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. I snagged a skinny Mocha Light Frappuccino from Starbucks and headed home. I found a Disney banner hung and a scavenger hunt waiting that led me to a new pair of ears.

We went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch, saw the new Star Wars movie in theaters, and then went home for an afternoon showing of Aladdin. To finish the evening, we pretended we were in Epcot at Le Cellier and cooked steak and poutine. It was perfect.

I’m still missing Disney World. But thanks to a vey precious man, I’m not missing it quite as much as I was before. I think we should do it once a month – or at least once per season.

Here’s to Disney days – wherever they are.


Squeezing in summer fun…

Can you believe it’s July? I really can’t. For some reason – between wedding showers, baby showers and upcoming weddings – the envisioned extra free time that summer brings just really hasn’t seemed to come to fruition.

So that’s going to be one of my goals for July. Take some time to do nothing, to enjoy a few fun outings. I think that’s a good goal, don’t you?

We did squeeze in a fabulous evening outing in June. We hit up the country club with some family for a delicious outdoor TGIF dinner and boat ride.

You can tell we were pretty happy – especially after Brett started smiling for the camera. ūüôā





{This is my favorite. Even if it was a selfie.}

Here’s to finding time for a few more fun nights before the school year, football season, and the rest of the real world rolls around. Happy July!


You and me together…

“You and me, together, we could do anything, baby”

Now, I’ve never been a Dave Matthews Band nut. But Brett has loved them for as long as I’ve known him. He’s seen four or five DMB concerts – but none in the 10+ years we have been dating or married. Years ago, he said “That’s something I’d really love to do with you one day.”

Fast forward YEARS, and we finally got the chance. On June 3, we had a fabulous date night with dinner and Dave, thanks to our awesome Tuscaloosa Amphitheater. It was a night neither one of us will forget.



He was so excited. It was adorable. And he had heard Emmylou Harris would be there. He had never heard “Long Black Veil” live – and you should have seen the smile on his face when that was one of the songs she performed.

It was a gorgeous night.¬†And after hearing “You and Me” live, I’ve got a favorite DMB song too.



Ten years later…


Ten years ago, I sat on a bench in Bryant-Denny Stadium holding an envelope that held part of my future in it. Anxious to open it and find my bid card, I knew there was only one thing I wanted it to say. That day, my wish came true. I pledged Zeta Tau Alpha and became a member of an organization that would change my life. It has given more to me than I will ever be able to give back to it.

Nelson Mandela once said “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.” When I look at photos from that day, I realize how I have grown and changed and all the ways that what many see as just a social organization has altered my life for the better.
It has given me friendships that will last a lifetime. Ten years later, my sisters are still the ones on my speed dial.
It has given me incredible advisors, who have stood by me, taught me and loved me. I still want to be them when I grow up.
It has given me the opportunity to make new friends – and learn a million different things from them, even though we cheer for different football teams.

It has taught me the nobility of serving. Breast cancer awareness was the first cause I connected to, but it has not be the last. Race for the Cure was the first event I volunteered at, but many more have followed. I have learned my life is better if I spend time doing things for others.
It has even celebrated my family right along with me, honoring my mom as our 2012 convention initiate.
More than that, it has given to my community, donating $25,000 to the DCH Breast Cancer Fund that benefits women in West Alabama who are in need of testing or treatment. 
Today, a decade into my membership, I am proud to call myself a member of Zeta Tau Alpha. I am excited to be Nu Chapter’s new member advisor. I am grateful to be able to show our new women what it means to wear these letters and to live our creed.
And I can’t wait to see what the next ten years hold, because we are still just in the beginning of our journey.

Simple Seaside scenes…

I can’t fit all my beach pictures that I want to share in one post, so I broke it down into two ore three. To wrap up a wonderful weekend, I thought I’d share my favorite Seaside scenes.

Enjoy a glimpse of what the town calls, the “simple, beautiful life.”




We stayed on East Ruskin Street, and the pavilion was just the one for our street. It was my favorite place to sit in the mornings after a long walk.

Meet everyone there next weekend? Maybe? No? Oh…. oh well. Real life calls.